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Our aluminium products meets international top standars with maxium variety of alloys,formuations and shapes from 1-8 series

PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application
PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application
PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application
PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application
PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application
PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application

PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application

  • Loading PortQingDao
  • Alloy1-8 Series
  • Payment TermsTT or LC
  • Supply Capability100000 m.t./month
  • CompanyWorthWill Aluminum CO., LTD.

Item specifice:

Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Color Coated Shape: Round
Temper: Half Hard Application: Seal & Closure

Product Description:


Polyethylene(PE) Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper

1) Structure of PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper Description

Gene therapy vectors (such as viruses) can be PEG-coated to shield them from inactivation by the immune system and to de-target them from organs where they may build up and have a toxic effect.The size of the PEG polymer has been shown to be important, with larger polymers achieving the best immune protection.

2)Main features of the PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper

. Flexible and durable

. Light and easy to transport
. Fast delivery
. Item shipped from Dubai warehouse

3)PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper Images:

4)FAQ of PE Composite with Aluminium Foil and Paper:

 1. 30% T/T advance , then balance before shipment or against BL copy. Or 30% L/C payment, balanced duaring 30-60 days.

 2. The other specific issues can be negociated.

 3. Any problem, feel free to contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.



PE primary use is in packaging (plastic bag,plastic filmsgeomembranes, containers including bottles, etc.). Many kinds of polyethylene are known, with most having the chemical formula.


PEU with Aluminium Foil Lamination Application



Q:how can i restore a tarnish/staining on a piece of steel(gray or dark gray color desired)?
Try thisIn a shallow pan put a sheet of aluminum foil, about 8 by 8Pour in some hot water with a lot of salt disolved in itNow add about a cup of vinagarTouch the aluminum under water with the tarnished metalThe salt/vinegar solution will allow the tarnish to move from the metal to the aluminumWorks great on silver too.
Q:reflectix or other reflective aluminum/bubble wrap type boat insulator?
For the last seven years I've had 1 to 1 1/2 inches of urethane foam as insulation in my boat about half is covered with a fiberglass panelingThe balance is exposed Last year a friend and I bought two rolls of bubble wrap made with Alumfoil at Lowe's We put it under the overhead paneling in his boat , and else where, where it was exposed I used some to insulate over my windows, and the hull in the v-birthIt was effective, but more so this summer in the hot sun than last winterI think the urethane is more effective year round Here the key is it cuts heating bills by 30-40% with foil, and 70-80% with urethaneI'm now trying to put a wood veneer over the foam for appearances, and add more in areas that have none.
Q:Hot or cold? Science experiment.?
Q:How to calculate each square meter of aluminum foil?
I am a high voltage professional welder. I can't endure the current surge,even the spot welding. the surface oxidation film can be baked by the cutting knife,or polish by the abrader. no matter how big the welding rod is useless.The aluminum is too thin.
Q:Any Simple, yet great salmon recipes?
Technically, it all depends on the individual horseI have NEVER blanketed my horse in her entire lifeI don't clip her, and she grows a long, shaggy winter coatIf you clip, a blanket will be neededbut I've just never needed oneAnother reason to blanket a horse is if it is underweightUnderweight horses have a harder time holding heat than healthy horsesA waterproof winter blanket will not work for a rain sheetWhen it rains, it's usually so warm that a waterproof winter blanket will overheat your horse if left on too longIf you get rains in cool weather, it may workIt all depends on your climate.
Q:i need a cheep way to clean my silver plates anyone know of a way?
Put a big piece of aluminum foil in a dish pan or the kitchen sinkSprinkle about a cup of baking soda on top, then fill with hot HOT waterPut your silver in to soak about 10 minutes-each piece must touch aluminum foil while soakingRinse pieces with cool waterWipe silver with soft clothIf not enough tarnish has been removed, you can repeat, or use white toothpasteRub it on, then rub it offrinse thoroughly, and dry with a soft clothGood Luck!
Q:which of the following materials are more recyclable: plastic bottle, glass, aluminium can?
Glass is most recyclableWhenever possible, avoid plastic, because even though it can be recycled (1 and 2 are the most recycled), sadly only a small percentage of it is, and there are several types that are barely recycled at all(See plastics recycling tips in source below.) I suggest you avoid plastic whenever possible (I know that's a little difficult but every little bit helps)If something can be purchased in glass instead of plastic, buy glassOne thing I've done is stopped buying juices in plastic containers and switched to frozen and mix my own, which is also less expensive! I never use plastic bags from the grocery-always bring my own canvas everywhere I shopIf you do use the plastic produce bags from the store, bring them back on your next trip and reuse themOr save the net bags from onions and use them for your produceOverall, some of the better advice (I think) is to reduce consumption: buy from bulk bins when possible, don't buy bottled water, set up recycling stations at your work place (if there aren't some already), help an elderly neighbor or family member to recycle (some older people don't want to take the time or don't understand exactly what can be recycled; you can help), reduce junk mail.
Q:What are the factors that determine the price of the aluminum foil composite membrane?
What are the factors that determine the price of the aluminum foil composite membrane?Raw materialLabor costrelation between supply and demandPublicity expensesWaitPlease take ~!
Q:Does anybody have any good recipies?
Salad Garlic shrimp with rice asparagusChocolate lava cakes (buy frozen or the mix)Garlic shrimp Peel devein (or buy predone)Add chopped garlic to olive oil microwave for 20-30 secondsPut shrimp in oil marinate 20-30 minutesPut in frying pan, flip when turning pink, takes 5 minutes or less to cookRice I use 1 part wild rice, 2 parts barley 4 parts brown riceAdd twice as much water as all the grains, a bit of chicken soup stock (Bovril) some saffronBoil covered for 25 minutesAsparagus Wash break off coarse endsLay out on cookie sheetBrush with butter or olive oilSprinkle with saltBake for 8 min at 375.
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