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Composition and classification of aluminum plastic plate she


Composition and classification of aluminum plastic plate sheet


The aluminum plastic composite sheet is composed of multi-layer material, the upper layer is the high purity aluminum alloy plate, the middle is non-toxic and low-density polyethylene (PE) core plate, and the front is also pasted with a protective film.For outdoor, the coating of fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating on the front of the aluminum plastic plate is made of non-fluorocarbon resin coating.


There are many kinds of aluminum plastic plates, and it is a new kind of material, so there is no uniform classification method so far, which is usually classified by use, product function and surface decoration effect.

Composition and classification of aluminum plastic plate she

Classification by use

A. Building curtain wall with aluminum plastic sheet

The minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum plates is not less than 0.50mm and the total thickness should be no less than 4mm.Aluminum material should conform to the requirement of GB/T 3880. Generally, the aluminum alloy plate of 3000 and 5000 series should be adopted. The coating should be coated with fluorocarbon resin.  

B. Exterior decoration and advertisement using aluminum plastic sheet

Upper and lower aluminium plates are not less than 0.20mm thick, and the total thickness should be no less than 4mm.The coating is usually made of fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating.

C. indoor aluminum plastic plate  

Upper and lower aluminium plates generally use a thickness of 0.20mm, the minimum thickness is not less than 0.10mm aluminum plate, the total thickness is 3mm.The coating is coated with polyester or acrylic coating.

According to product function classification

A. fire prevention sheet

The flame retardant core material is selected, and the combustion performance of the product reaches the non-flammable grade (level B1) or the non-flammable grade (grade A).At the same time, other performance indicators must meet the technical specifications of the aluminum plastic sheet.  

B. antibacterial anti-mold aluminum plastic sheet

It will be coated with antibacterial and antiseptic coating on the aluminum plastic sheet, so as to control the microbial activity and eventually kill the bacteria.  

C. anti-static aluminum plastic sheetAntistatic aluminum-plastic plate is made of antistatic coating coated aluminium plate, surface resistivity under 109 Ω, smaller than normal aluminum-plastic plate surface resistivity, therefore not easy to produce static electricity, dust in the air of not easy also attached on the surface.

Classification by surface decoration effect

A. Coated decorative aluminum sheet

Coat the aluminum plate with decorative coatings.Generally adopted, fluorocarbon, polyester, acrylic coating, mainly including metallic color, plain color, pearl light color, fluorescence color and other colors, has decorative effect, is the most common variety in the market.  

B. Oxidized painted aluminum sheet

Anodized aluminum alloy panels with rose-colored, bronzer and other unique colors are used to make special decorative effects.  

C. Veneer decorative composite sheet

It is the process condition that the color film presses the setting, rely on the action of the adhesive, make the color film adhesive is on the aluminum plate with the primer paint or directly on the aluminum plate that is processed by degreasing treatment.The main varieties have grain, wood grain sheet and so on.  

D. Colored printed aluminum plastic plates

Different design through the use of advanced computer typesetting printing, the color ink on the transfer paper printing out all kinds of imitation of natural decorative pattern, and then through the indirect heat transfer technology on the aluminum-plastic plate copy out all kinds of imitation of natural decorative pattern.Can satisfy stylist's originality and owner's personalized choice.  

E. drawing aluminum plastic sheet

Using the aluminum alloy panels processed by wire, the products of gold wire and silver wire are common, which brings different visual enjoyment to people.  

F. mirror aluminum plastic plate

The surface of aluminum alloy panel is polished and treated like a mirror.

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