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Our aluminium products meets international top standars with maxium variety of alloys,formuations and shapes from 1-8 series

Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic
Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic
Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic
Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic
Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic
Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic

Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic

  • Loading PortQingDao
  • Alloy1-8 Series
  • Payment TermsTT or LC
  • Supply Capability100000 m.t./month
  • CompanyWorthWill Aluminum CO., LTD.

Item specifice:

Grade: 1000 Series,8011 8079 Surface Treatment: Mill Finish,Color Coated,Embossed Shape: Round,Flat
Temper: O-H112,Soft Application: Glass Wall,Food,Kitchen Use,Pharmaceutical,Seal & Closure Technique: DC/CC
Thickness: 0.005-0.2mm Width: 200mm---980mm Outer Diameter: 450-600
Packaging: Wooden pallets Application: Package/Food pack Alloy: 8011/8079/1235
Width: 200-800mm Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
Temper: O-H112 Surface Treatment: Mill finished

Product Description:

Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic

Specifications of aluminium foil:


2.usage:aluminium cup for tealight candles, automotive air conditioning, refrigeration, cosmetics packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electrical appliances, such as industry.


3.packing:pp bag,woden pallets, Standard export seaworthy package of Aluminium foil (or by the customer's request)

4.width:100-600mm as customer's require

5.thickness:0.07-1mm as customer's require


7.processing methods:cold pressing


Aluminium foil producting process:


1,Cast Rolling to 7mm


2,Cold Rolling to 0.25mm


3,Foil Rolling to requirement 

Denomination: Aluminum foils

Alloy&Temper: 1060/1100/8011/3003/1235,Various forms

Thickness: 0.007mm--0.2mm

Width: 100mm--800mm

Inner Diameter: 76mm/152mm

Outside Diameter: 200-800mm

NODenominationFinal applicationTemperThicknessWidthInner diameterOutside
1Semi-rigid container foilFood container applied in aviation3003/8011--H22,H24,O 0.02-0.09300-600 76/152100-600
2Household foilsSoft packing in household8011--O0.01-0.02200-70076200-800
3Pharmaceutical foilPacking for Blister foil8011--H180.020-0.025400-110076/152760
4Cable foilWraping for cable1100/8011,O0.15-0.05500-80076760
5Aluminum fin stockHear exchanger and condensator for A/C8011--H24,O0.1-0.13400-1000152760
6Cigarette foilPacking for cigarette1235--O0.0065-0.007460,52076400
7Foil for hot sealHot seal cover for acidophilus milk and other beverage1235/8011--O0.02-0.038400-60076760
8Thick foil for deep processingSeal for beer bottle1145/8011,O0.0115300-60076/152400/760
Shield for video cable0.01-0.01250076400
Aluminum adhesive tape0.2-0.06300-60076/152400/760
9Thin foil for deep-processingFoil with thickness less than ten micron applied in surface of packing materials8011/1235--O0.0065-0.007460-100076400
10Foil for automobile radiatorWater tank radiator in automobile8011/1050--H180.08-0.10140-60076760

Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic

Household Aluminum Foil For Food Wrap 6.5mic 7mic 9mic 20mic

Q:Sheets of foil hanging from trees?
Q:What is an antonym for the word Aluminum if i am using it as an adjective?
a sparkling metallic trashcanbeware tho via fact burning paper can flowthe warmth could make it upward thrusthave the can lid on your hand waiting in case you could desire to close the canbe secure.
Q:Write a balanced chemical equation for aluminium carbonate and phosphoric acid?
Since you have 2 Al on the left, you need 2 Al on the rightThat gives you 2 PO4 on the left, so you need 2 H3PO4 on the leftThen, you have 3 CO3 on the left, so you need 3 CO2 on the rightThat leaves you with 3 extra O and 6 extra H, which makes 3 H2OThe balanced equation is: Al2(CO3)3 + 2 H3PO4 - 2 AlPO4 + 3 H2O + 3 CO2
Q:When cooking boneless rib strips in the oven.?
Q:How to build a solar cooker of my own?
You can find lots of patterns online, from small half-cylinders that can cook a frankfurter to large parabolic reflectors that could melt the pot if the pot boiled dryEssentially, form the reflector of something like cardboard and line it with aluminum foil, shiny side outYou can build sturdier ones out of sheets of aluminum but I suggest trying out the pattern first with the cardboard and foil.
Q:Physics questionphoto electron.?
1) current increases in generalEmitted electrons have some initial k.eand they move towards the anode to give rise to a currentAs the intensity increases the number of electrons emitted increase and hence the current increasesIn the particular case hf hc/λ 6.625x10^-34x3x10^8x6.624x10^18/250x10^-4.96 eV , which is less than the work function 5.1 eVHence there is no photoelectric emissionSo no current 2) Increases to a saturation value in generalIncrease in the anode cathode potential increases the speed of the electrons or the noof electrons crossing unit area per second, hence the current increasesBeyond a certain value of the accelerating potential the velocity of the electrons becomes maximum and cannot increase further , and the current reaches a saturation valueIn the above case since there is no photoelectric current no question change in current3)The photoelectric equation is hf W + mv^2/2 So in general for a given frequency if the work function W is smaller or decreased then the k.eof the electrons is more and the speed is moreHence the current increasesIn the above problem the work function is changed to 4.3 eV which is less than hf 4.96 eVHence photo electrons are generated and there is a current even in the absence of accelerating potential.
Q:What the best thing to use as a temporary tv aerial?
GlassAcrylic can't take the strainIn any case you will need braces in there, 3 or 4 at least.
Q:where is the thermastate on a 2004 nissian murano?
Motor sits sideways follow the botton radiator hose to the engine just above the alternator is a aluminum triangle shaped housing with (3) 10 mm boltsBuy a Nissan THERMOSTAT and a new metal thermostat gasketDealership would also want to sell you new radiator hoses as a precaution against future failureThat aluminium housing is the thermostatGood Luck
Q:How does Tin Foil, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap and Paper Towels hold heat when wrapped foodPlease Explain?
Metals are generally good conductors of heatWhen you wrap hot food in a metallic wrap (tin, aluminum), it feels hot to your hand, which means that the heat from the food is coming out fastPaper towels are a good heat insulator, and plastic is a fairly good insulator, so heat moves through them relatively slowly, which means the food stays hot longer.
Q:Help! I need a roast turkey recipe pronto!?
No they are junk and never workThey are a source of major frustration Better to sew by hand Place pins along the seam line and remove as you stitch.
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